EIP’s Olympic Spoolbase is a modular system for onshore fabrication, storage and spooling of pipelines.


The EIP system allows long lengths of pipeline (10km+) to be stored prior to reeling and built close to the field location, sometimes several days sailing closer than existing alternatives. This revolutionises the method of manufacturing, storing, loading and transpooling pipe.

Current market:

Subsea contractors are investing in state of the art deepwater construction vessels but availability and locations are some of the main bottle-necks in the pipe-lay process.

Current reeled systems involve the onshore manufacture of lengths of pipelines and the subsequent spooling of those lengths onto a lay vessel. It is therefore envisaged that this innovative spooling method will give the partnering contractor significant commercial advantages over its competitors.

Key advantages:

  • Shorter length enables access to a much greater choice of sites
  • Economic benefits by accessing cheaper land/sites
  • No requirement to stern-moor, giving port availability advantages
  • Utilisation advantage for pipe lay vessels
  • Reduced interim mobilisation durations
  • Reduced risk/cost of mobilisation
  • Speed of deployment of EIP’s system
  • Significantly faster load outs
  • Reduced area/linear length mitigates security risk in remote areas
  • Pipes can be removed from seabed and taken ashore to Olympic Spoolbase for them to be cleaned and decommissioned or reused
Current Industry Challenges:

  • Significant vessel costs
  • Limited global spoolbase capacity
  • Restricted access due to concentration of ownership
  • Lack of site availability and sustainability at ports for existing linear configurations
  • Lay vessels typically spend more than 80 days in port per year, reeling stalks of pipe
  • Cost effective removal and decommissioning of pipelines