EIP’s Plastic Reeled Elastic Pipe-Lay system (PREP) is a modular system designed for up to 8″ rigid pipe in around 150m of water from a standard DP anchor handler.

This system provides an economic rigid lay solution for shallow water pipe laying projects. PREP utilises the elastic properties of pipes, allowing pipe to be laid from smaller, more readily available vessels, with considerable cost savings.

Key Benefits:

  • System can lay rigid pipes, flexible pipes and umbilicals
  • Fits smaller vessels than competitors’ systems
  • Economic for individual projects
  • Enables participation in construction projects where scope is rigid Pipe-Lay
  • Uses standard lay components for quick mobilisation
  • Ideal in combination with EIP Spoolbase.

Market Advantages:

  • This low risk system induces only two strain cycles in pipe, so lower grade pipe can be used
  • Multiple small reels can be carried to increase volume capacity and maximise cost efficiency
  • PREP eliminates the fleeting tower – its spooling device fleets using the elastic properties of the pipe
  • PREP can lay 8” pipe in deeper water – with a larger reel/vessel 10” or 12” is possible.