950Te Carousel

EIP’s 950Te Carousel has been designed for quayside cable storage and cable spooling.

EIP’s 950Te carousel is ready for use and is located currently at Sunderland Port.   The carousel will be used for the storage of cables required for UK offshore wind farm projects and works alongside both EIP’s  FLOWT (Floating Offshore Wind Tension Foundation System) and Ambient Lifter technology.  It also gives EIP the in-house ability to spool large volumes of pipe for the company’s patented Ambient lifting devices.

Mike Wilson, EIP Chief Technology Officer and Chairman said: “I am pleased that EIP has invested in its first carousel. As the latest addition to its growing fleet, the carousel broadens the breadth of services that we can offer. There are a lot of spare cable storage requirements within the sustainable energy market that EIP can fulfil. Our ambition is for this Carousel to form the core of a cable storage service for multiple cables in multiple ports.” 

EIP specialises in designing and developing innovative and truly cost-effective subsea solutions.  Established in July 2018, EIP has invested significantly in developing its unique range of technologies that includes its patented Ambient Lifter, FLOWT, MOWT and its new 950Te cable carousel.


Product Attributes

The carousel consists of several key components and subassemblies including: Grillage; Rollers; Tracks; Floor; Basket; Core; Drive System and Central Bush.


  • The current carousel design is specified for up to 950Te of product with the capability to be upgraded for higher capacities.
  • Basket Mode – product is laid into the carousel between the core and an outer basket.
  • Spooling Mode – product is wrapped around the core between the floor and a roof.

950Te Applications: 

    • Cable and pipe storage 
    • Quayside cable spooling
    • Offshore Wind 
    • Pipeline installation
    • Decommissioning
    • Cable lay projects