Ambient Lifter

EIP’s innovative Ambient Lifting technology is a safe, robust and highly controllable subsea lifting solution that offers a cost-effective alternative to the use of heavy-lift vessels.

Ambient lifter can be used in a variety of industries including oil & gas, offshore wind and wave power, leading to significant project cost savings during construction, operations & maintenance and decommissioning.  

The system can be used to lift, lower or hover any subsea object, by controlling buoyancy and ballast in low pressure pipes. It is an innovative and new way of lifting subsea assets faster and more cost effectively than ever before, bringing new confidence to subsea lifting challenges.

The technology drives significant cost savings for subsea installation – a small towing vessel can be used to float the structure to site and install it.

For decommissioning applications, the EIP Ambient Lifter can be used to float items such as jacket sections from decom zone to shore behind small towing vessels, or lift decom debris in the 500m zone into subsea baskets which can be recovered by anchor handler vessels.


buoyancy device, subsea lifting tool


  • Accurate control
  • Lift capability controlled by ROV or surface pump
  • Buoyant force independent of depth (unlike air bags)
  • Incompressible
  • Environmentally safe using only air and water



Ambient Lifter – 40Te & EIP Recovery Skid Solution 

The Ambient Lifter 40Te has been designed for the installation and recovery of equipment and assets subsea.   

Used in combination with EIP Recovery Skid the Ambient Lifter 40Te is capable of installing or retrieving christmas trees that are proving too large for a vessel’s moon pool along with other assets required for subsea operations. 

Find out more about the EIP Ambient Lifter / Recovery Skid solution



Ambient Lifter – Decommissioning

This animation shows how our Ambient Lifter can be utilised for decommissioning and subsea debris clearance applications.

The Ambient Lifter makes the entire system (including the item to be lifted) neutrally buoyant which allows the ROV to manoeuvre much larger masses than a conventional work class ROV.

Ambient Lifter – Industry Demonstration

Watch Ambient Lifter demonstrate its subsea lifting capabilities to industry professionals.  

The first lift was to remove subsea tools from the seabed using a single module, and the second 10te lift using the Ambient Lifter in a cloverleaf formation.

The EIP patented Ambient Lifter has been designed to provide a cost-effective subsea lifting solution which is not affected by surface weather conditions.

Engineered as a modular unit the Ambient Lifter is configurable to handle a range of weights – anything from 10te to 2400te.

The Ambient Lifter uses a novel methodology and can be launched from a low-cost anchor handler vessel or towed to site using a tug, negating the requirement for an expensive crane or heavy lift vessel.

Ambient Lifter Applications:

  • Subsea structure installation
  • Foundations (where heavy ballast can be used)
  • Pipeline installation
  • Decommissioning
  • Salvage
  • Installation and recovery of christmas trees
  • Air bag replacement
  • Subsea transportation