Ambient Lifter

Ambient Lifter allows accurate and safe subsea lifting. It can be deployed with vessel or platform cranes to increase their capacity, or with ROVs to multiply their lift capability by a factor of 200.


The PREP Pipe-Lay system can be used with lower cost vessels to lay pipe avoiding the fleeting tower arrangement normally required for pipelay vessels


Deep-Lay is based on the same concept of Pipe-Lay, but enables cost savings for EIP customers via the deployment of lower grade pipe into ultra deep water.

Olympic Spoolbase

A modular spoolbase system for fabrication, storage, loading and transpooling of pipelines. Built close to the field location, it can save multiple days’ sailing to the deployment zone.


EIP’s patented technology allows cables to be laid more efficiently in between offshore wind turbines, particularly applicable to those further from shore.

Wave and Tidal

Our wave and tidal technologies have been developed by EIP to generate power slow-moving water or tidal to harness energy from the flow, rather than the outright velocity.