Ambient Lifter & Ambient Linear

EIP’s innovative patented Ambient Lifting technology is a highly controllable subsea lifting solution offering a cost-effective alternative to the use of heavy-lift vessels. Ambient Lifter transforms subsea lifting, delivering cost savings for our customers in construction, inspection repair and maintenance (IRM), renewables and decommissioning.

950Te Carousel

EIP’s 950Te carousel is used for the storage of cables required for UK offshore wind farm projects, supporting pipelay operations and more.  It can also support alongside both EIP’s  FLOWT (Floating Offshore Wind Tension Foundation System) and Ambient Lifter technology with the storage and spooling of pipeline.  EIP now offers quayside storage and spooling solutions.

Pipelay and Deeplay

PREP system provides an economic rigid lay solution for shallow water pipe laying projects. PREP utilises the elastic properties of pipes, allowing pipe to be laid from smaller, more readily available vessels, with considerable cost savings.

EIP is developing Deeplay for installing shallow water-rated pipe, cables and umbilicals into ultra deep water (2000m – 5000m).

Olympic Spoolbase


EIP’s Olympic Spoolbase is a modular system for onshore fabrication, storage and spooling of pipelines and bundles.  

The EIP system allows long lengths of pipeline (10km+) to be stored prior to reeling and built close to the field location, sometimes several days sailing closer than existing alternatives. This revolutionises the method of manufacturing, storing, loading and transpooling pipe.

Deployment Recovery System

EIP’s Deployment and Recovery System (DRS) is a modular skid and basket system, each basket measures 12m x 12m with a payload of 100Te. DRS is designed for a range of subsea operations, including the deployment and recovery of subsea assets. Once ready for recovery, the basket is winched onto the deck of an Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS) using the vessel’s winch.

Mass of Water Turbine

Mass of Water Turbine (MOWT) has been designed to harness power from slow-moving water and can be positioned subsea or in rivers.

For late-life and decommissioning, MOWT can be used to generate power to charge subsea batteries and power to subsea assets such as wellheads.


Floating Offshore Wind

If you are working in the offshore wind market and looking for ways to minimise the cost, then EIP’s innovative FLOWT can be used to float the structures out from shore using a low cost towing vessel. 

FLOWT – Floating Offshore Wind Tension System is a cost-effective foundation and installation solution for floating offshore wind and marine renewables.