Ecosse IP Limited is a subsea technology developer and offshore engineering consultancy specialising in Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal industries

Ecosse IP designs, develops, builds, hires and operates a range of subsea equipment; our technologies cover pipe-lay systems, pipeline fabrication spoolbases and subsea lifting. Our services are flexible and can be combined and tailored to your specific project requirements.

Following on from the success of our recent Ambient Lifter trials at Cullen Harbour where we successfully lifted 5 tonnes from the seabed, Ecosse IP Ltd (EIP) have been busy over the last few months promoting this technology. We now also have a 10 tonne ROV Ambient Lifter under development for trial in January 2019.

EIP’s Ambient Lifting technology is a safe, robust and highly controllable subsea lifting solution that offers a cost effective alternative to the use of surface-lift vessels. The system can be used as a stand-alone system or can complement traditional construction and decommissioning methods.

This innovative subsea lifting solution was highlighted as an ’emerging technology’ at a recent Decom North Sea Conference.

If you would like more information on Ambient Lifting and the value it can bring to subsea operations please contact Mike Wilson.

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Ecosse IP Ltd (EIP), based in Banchory, Aberdeenshire are delighted to have been awarded the Elevator Innovation Award – 2019.  Established in July 2018, EIP specialises in designing and delivering a range of cost-effective subsea solutions. Members of the team were...

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Ambient Lifting

EIP test tank

Ambient Lifting allows accurate and safe subsea lifting without the use of lift vessels. Used to lower, lift or hover any object subsea by controlling buoyancy and ballast in low pressure receptacles. 

Pipe Lay Technologies

Plastic Reeled Elastic Pipe-lay system ‘PREP’ is a modular system for rigid pipe lay.

Olympic Spoolbase

Olympic Spoolbase is one of our patented technology systems which revolutionises the method of manufacturing, storing, loading and transpooling rigid pipe for pipe lay projects. OS can eliminate the requirement for a pipe lay vessel.

Deep Lay

A system for installing shallow water pipe and cable into ultra deep water (2000-5000m).