Following the successful sale of Ecosse Subsea earlier this year to Oceaneering, subsea entrepreneur Mike Wilson, together with an experienced management team, has officially launched his new venture EIP (Ecosse IP Ltd).

EIP’s main objective is to save their customers time and money on subsea challenges, with a range of exciting and disruptive subsea technologies.

Subsea lifting can be carried out using EIP’s Ambient Lifter, which has recently completed successful harbour trials with the support of OGTC (Oil and Gas Technology Centre), lifting 5Te using a controlled buoyancy lifting solution.

Ambient Lifter’s ROV version will lift 10Te without a lift vessel. This is significantly more cost effective than using surface lift vessels and can be operated in much wider weather windows and in challenging regions such as West of Shetland. Ambient ROV is an ideal solution for construction of subsea fields – or for removal of decommissioning debris for example. Ambient ROV trials will be completed later in 2018.

For heavy lifts, Ambient’s capacity is scalable, so can operate in the 100-500Te range for removal of large subsea templates, manifolds or foundations. Ambient Lifter offers a safe, robust and controllable subsea lifting solution, which can operate stand-alone, or increase the capacity of small, low-cost lift vessels. The technology was heralded as a key emerging technology at a recent Decom North Sea Conference.

“We understand the pressures the industry is facing; the need to be forward thinking while managing costs,” says Mike. He continues, “We can help customers find new ways of subsea working, which reduce their project costs and minimise risk. EIP is committed to solving customers’ problems, working with them to make their lives easier – based on our mantra ‘there is always a better way.”

EIP’s Managing Director, Dorothy Burke brings a wealth of technology business growth expertise in oil and gas and decommissioning.

She is clear about the company’s purpose: “EIP is about working closely with our customers using a pioneering approach to solving their problems. We are experts in the challenges they face, and we work in partnership with customers to find simple, robust cost-saving solutions. Our customer focus, can-do approach, patented technologies and team experience will help us build a global presence in subsea innovation and technology leadership”.

With the ability to address challenges across subsea lifting, subsea construction, decommissioning, offshore renewables, salvage and military applications, EIP aims to solve operator efficiency challenges and offer competitive advantage to supply chain partners.

Supported by extensive global subsea project experience, EIP’s technology solutions will enhance industry safety and reduce the human risk associated with a range of subsea activities.

EIP formally launches at an industry event in Banchory on 4th October 2018.

For further information on the Ambient Lifter or to find out more about EIP’s exciting product development pipeline, please contact BD and Operations Manager, Catriona Stevenson at