EIP’s new technology, the Ambient Lifter, is a safe, robust and highly controllable subsea lifting solution for a range of operations such as subsea construction, subsea removal and redeployment of subsea equipment. Delivering a cost-effective solution and an alternative to using surface-lift vessels. The system can be used standalone or as part of an end-to-end solution for subsea operations.

Archimedes Principle

Its patented Ambient Lifter (AL) is based on Archimedes Principle.  In simplified terms, it is a coil of pipe, in a metal frame, which is filled with water and air separated by a specialist gel pig. By increasing or decreasing the volume of water neutral buoyancy is be achieved, thereby lifting subsea objects. Designed and engineered for subsea lifting, AL can be deployed with remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and will multiply their lift capability by a factor of 20.  It can be deployed in different configurations to lift hundreds and thousands of tonnes. The table below illustrates the flexibility of the modular design.

Ambient Lifter – Capabilities

Weather conditions

Supported by a ROV/AUV, the AL can be configured for use in high current areas. Ambient Lifter is not impacted by surface weather conditions, subsea lifting can continue in a range of weather conditions. Operators and service companies can deploy the Ambient Lifter in a range of lifting operations, to retrieve, manoeuvre or shift equipment and tooling, including:

  • Bundles
  • Trees
  • Manifolds
  • Pipelines
  • Spool pieces
  • Subsea isolation valves (SSIV)
  • Umbilical cables
Cost Efficient Subsea Lifting

Marginal developments can sometimes prove uneconomical, which can be attributed to the high cost of subsea field construction. With the Ambient Lifter, Operators have an effective solution that will enable them to carry out subsea construction, delivering significant cost savings which will transform returns from marginal fields.

Finally, Ambient Lifter can easily be launched from a low-cost anchor handler or towed to site by a tug, negating the requirement for a costly crane or heavy lift vessels. It can also work in conjunction with vessel cranes to increase their lift capacity, enabling the use of more readily available and cheaper crane vessels.  The main crane vessel can offload subsea construction items for ‘wet storage’ on the seabed, the Ambient Lifter and ROV/AUV can then manoeuvre the wet-stored items to carry out the subsea construction scope whilst the vessel crane performs other operations.

As a subsea and offshore technology developer, EIP is focused on oil and gas, offshore wind, and wave sectors. We design, develop, build and operate a range of subsea equipment; pipelay systems, pipeline spool bases, subsea lifting and wave energy generation.