Technology Research & Development

EIP invests in research, development and deployment of technology that drives complete commercial solutions.


We specialise in proving conceptual technologies and bringing them quickly to offshore energy markets and we have access to international facilities in a range of countries worldwide, in all main subsea theatres.

Ambient Lifter

EIP’s Ambient Lifter is a game-changing technology which has the ability to transform subsea lifting, construction and installation.

It can be used for subsea lifting in conjunction with ROVs/AUVs, vessel cranes and platform cranes. Applicable to offshore wind, oil and gas subsea construction, lifting and decommissioning; also to salvage and military sectors.

Ambient Lifter in its different forms can be used for lifts from 2Te to 1000Te subsea – and can even be deployed as re-floatable subsea foundations for offshore installations, when filled with non-setting heavy ballast.

Marine Renewables

EIP has developed three wave and tidal technologies to generate power from either tidal or freshwater flow.

Their uniqueness is that they harness and extract energy from the mass of water flowing, rather than the outright velocity.

The underlying concept could be described as a cross between a tidal barrage and a tidal turbine. Information on additional technologies we are developing can be discussed with the team, subject to NDA agreements being in place.

Please contact the team on for information on our research projects and initiatives.