About Ecosse IP

About us

An innovative provider of tooling and solutions for challenging offshore installation requirements, we design, develop, build and operate a range of subsea equipment for offshore energy markets.

Specifically we:

Our vision is to be the customers’ first choice for subsea engineering innovation. We are passionate about the development of problem solving technology and specialist systems in offshore energy installation, construction and decommissioning.

EIP will continue to deliver shareholder value through the development and deployment of new products and effective methodology, combining innovative technologies with proven industry-standard delivery tools.

The EIP Story

Ecosse IP (EIP) was established in 2016 by Chairman Mike Wilson, an offshore installation expert with a track record in developing fresh and pragmatic subsea solutions to reduce risks and costs.

EIP was spun out of Ecosse Subsea (ESS) in 2018, after ESS was successfully sold to Oceaneering International along with the SCAR plough product family.