Ecosse IP (EIP) is a subsea technology developer and offshore engineering specialist in the offshore energy, renewable energy, salvage, defence and deep water sectors. 

We design, engineer and deploy a range of subsea equipment; our technologies cover subsea lifting, asset installations and foundations, decommissioning, spoolbases and pipelay.  Our services are flexible and can be combined and tailored to specific project requirements.

Offshore Energy – Our innovative solutions address challenges faced in subsea lifting.  Offering a range of products which can be deployed and recovered from a low cost vessel without the need of crane, or heavy lift vessel, with significant time-saving and cost-efficiencies. 

Decommissioning – With team expertise in decommissioning, EIP has developed new technologies specifically for the sector, offering effective removal of all subsea items including manifolds, trees, subsea isolation valves (SSIV), pipelines and bundles.

Subsea Construction – EIP’s innovative technology can change the way companies operate.  A crane-vessel can be used to drop and wet store subsea assets and move onto another job.  The Ambient Lifter and Ambient Linear can carry our subsea construction with an ROV or AUV with only a small ROV support vessel. 

Floating Offshore Wind – Ambient Lifter; using low cost vessels, can deploy EIP’s tension leg foundation system from shore, incorporating micro-piled template, tension leg foundation and transition piece for floating offshore wind and installation of renewable devices.  

Renewable Energy – EIP’s Mass of Water Turbine (MOWT) has been designed to harness power from slow-moving water and can be positioned in rivers or subsea. 


EIP Latest News/Press

Ecosse IP – Adapting to Covid-19 Update

EIP is focused on developing new innovative technology to support the offshore energy, salvage, defence and deep-water sectors. EIP is following government advice, offering our team support and IT services to enable them to homework so that we can carry on business as...

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Ambient Lifting 

Ambient Lifting allows accurate and safe subsea lifting without the use of lift vessels. Used to lower, lift or hover any object subsea by controlling buoyancy and ballast in low pressure receptacles. 

Pipe Lay & Deep Lay  Technologies

Plastic Reeled Elastic Pipe-lay system ‘PREP’ is a modular system for rigid pipe lay. Deep-lay is a system for installing shallow water pipe and cable into ultra deep water (2000-5000m).

Olympic Spoolbase

Olympic Spoolbase is one of our patented technology systems which revolutionises the method of manufacturing, storing, loading and transpooling rigid pipe for pipe lay projects. OS can eliminate the requirement for a pipe lay vessel.

Mass of Water Turbine (MOWT)

 MOWT technology,patent-pending, was developed to provide a cost-effective method of generating energy from slow-moving water. MOWT is designed for use in rivers, estuaries and subsea current and tidal environments, offering an energy solution with minimal environmental impact .