Ecosse IP (EIP) – Technology for the energy transition. 

Offshore Energy – AMBIENT subsea lifting from small vessels – reduce carbon, save money. 

Decommissioning – Crane-less subsea removal of structures, pipes, bundles & conductors.

Subsea Construction – Crane-vessel drops/wet stores subsea assets, moves on. ROV/AUV with AMBIENT completed subsea construction from small ROV support vessel.  

Floating Offshore Wind – Cable storage and repair, foundation tow-out and installation.  

Renewable Energy – Mass of Water Turbine – power from slow water flow – river or subsea.


EIP Latest News/Press

EIP’s Turbine wins US DoE Award to fund Testing

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected EIP among 23 American and international projects under its Marine Energy testing programme – TEAMER – which accelerates the viability of marine renewables by providing access to the USA’s top facilities and expertise to...

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Ambient Lifting 

Ambient Lifting allows accurate and safe subsea lifting without the use of lift vessels. Used to lower, lift or hover any object subsea by controlling buoyancy and ballast in low pressure receptacles. 

Mass of Water Turbine (MOWT)

 MOWT technology,patent-pending, was developed to provide a cost-effective method of generating energy from slow-moving water. MOWT is designed for use in rivers, estuaries and subsea current and tidal environments, offering an energy solution with minimal environmental impact .